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About us
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When I was in high school, I met this disease that I would not want even for my enemy to get to. I did not know what it was. To learn, I would have to open up a place that I thought was obscene, which I did not show to anyone (and even that I have not even seen).

I grew up in a strait-laced environment. Even if it was a doctor, I had neither a courage nor a comfortable personality to open it. The only thing I knew was; the painful storm I draw into my lungs with almost every breath, and the unbearable agony in the level to rebel. I could not sitting, I could not walk, I could not even eat (thinking the toilet adventure which about a few hours later). Shortly, I was feeling that malady at any moment in my down there, and I was worring when I thought about the painful minutes that I would live in the toilet.

The consequences of my research that I have done secretly and profoundly; I learned the name of this disease. Moreover, I was not the only owner of that little alien. The smile appearing in my face, was changing to a laughter to that little freak, which is extending its head like a greeting, after people were telling me that “we have also”…

In the meantime, I would like to say before I forget, the name of my disease was: ‘Hemoroids’ !!!